INIFD Siliguri
IIID Interior Design Course

INIFD Academy of Interiors’ in technical collaboration with Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) – India’s only premier body of Interior Designers to offer 3 Year Full-Time Professional Interior Design Program at selected INIFD Centres including INIFD Siliguri.


  • Spread awareness about good design to the community
  • Promote excellence in education and ethical conduct in practice.
  • Liaison between members and authorities.
  • Act for the common benefit of the fraternity.
  • Encourage interaction between designers, affiliated professions, other artists, and traders – for the benefit of the profession.

The IIID believes in establishing tie-ups with similar institutes on a national and international level, to encourage communication and cooperation between designers, affiliated professionals, artists, manufacturers, and traders.

INIFD revolutionizes the entire field of Design training in-country, keeping in sync with today’s rapidly changing dynamics of the fashion world. World-class training facilities, indigenous curriculums blending theory with practical experience, industry interface, and showcase, helps INIFD to stay leagues ahead in fashion and design training. At INIFD we are Level Next for Gen Next.

IIID is an excellent course available for students at INIFD Siliguri to get recognized in the market as highly trained professionals and get placed from the institute itself as fast as hotcakes.

The IIID course at INIFD Siliguri is divided into 6 intense semesters that are thoughtfully crafted to bring the best out in each pupil.

Semester 1:
The first semester of IIID covers Product workshops and Communication skills to improve the students’ creativity and verbal skills. The faculty during the semester works hard to broaden the students’ horizons in terms of materials, colors and medium used while designing an interior as well as improve the students’ public speaking skills to make their presentations more impactful.

Semester 2:
Basic Design and its Evolution are the two topics that are taught during this semester; INIFD Siliguri believes that understanding the fundamentals and the evolution of Interior Design helps the budding INIFDian Interior Designers understand the roots of their trade.

Semester 3:
This semester includes Furniture Design and Interior-Environment Control; the goal of this semester is to closely acquaint the INIFDians with the concept of creating comfortable and healthy interior designs.

Semester 4:
Technical Presentations and Interior Services are the two important topics covered here to help students give computer savvy presentations and to understand the working of water and other amenities in an interior design.

Semester 5:
Interior working drawings and professional practice are the topics covered this semester. These topics help the students understand the ways of working once on their own as professionals and familiarize them with the legalities that are associated with interior design.

Semester 6:
This semester works on the same topics as the earlier semester while taking the topics further in-depth. This, the faculty at INIFD Siliguri believes is what really gets the students market-ready and brings a polish to their work and confidence to their demeanor.

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